Serving our community with humor and fun is our mission. 

I am just starting the journey of creating an online store that reflects the pride I feel in how far our community, the gay community, has come. I am truly excited about the future for young people in this country. I am a huge fan of young people today. I am not one who complains about this generation. I love their openness, lack of judgment, and positive attitudes. My goal with showyourgaypride.com is to create unique products that are unashamed, stylish, and fun. I want to be the go to guy for those that want to celebrate who we are in a unique and different way. I look online and see thousands of gay pride flags posted on products but often wonder where is the personal touch? What did the person selling the item contribute to the product he or she is selling? I want every item I sell to have my personal touch. I think being different is what we are all about and I am determined to make products that are as unique as each of us in our community. This is my mission. To try and take design and make it a positive force of expression for those who want to reflect their personalities in what they wear. I am proud of how far we have come as a community  and cannot wait to see where we go in the future!


Todd Kirby

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