Our Mission

Hello and a warm welcome to Showyourgaypride.com!

We're thrilled to have you here, where individuality is celebrated, voices are amplified, and pride is displayed vibrantly and unapologetically. This safe and dynamic space is brought to life by our dedicated founder, Todd Kirby, a passionate educator with over twenty years of experience under his belt.


Driven by the unsettling wave of state politicians who sought to undermine gay rights and mute the voices of the LGBTQ+ community, Todd embarked on a journey to create Showyourgaypride.com. This initiative isn’t just a response; it’s a powerful statement, a beacon of resistance, and a canvas of identity and pride.


Our mission at Showyourgaypride.com is to provide you with a platform to express yourself boldly and authentically through a diverse range of products. Whether you prefer subtlety or wish to make a loud and proud declaration, we have something here for everyone. With unique designs that are as diverse, resilient, and beautiful as our community, each piece is designed, crafted, or curated  to allow you to showcase your pride on your terms.


But there’s more than just pride in our palette. Some of our designs are steeped in inspiration drawn from various cultures across the globe, creating a tapestry that is as rich, varied, and inclusive as the world itself. From patterns that echo the vibrant traditions of Africa to designs that breathe the eclectic energy of Latin America, every item tells a story, celebrates diversity, and pays homage to the global roots of our community.

At Showyourgaypride.com, every color, pattern, design, and curated piece is more than mere aesthetic; it’s a narrative, a protest, a celebration, and above all, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. As you browse through our carefully curated collections, we hope you find pieces that resonate with your spirit, amplify your voice, and let your pride shine brightly and unequivocally.


Once again, welcome to Showyourgaypride.com – where your pride is worn on your sleeve, and your voice is heard and valued. Feel free to explore, engage, and celebrate with us. Together, let’s continue to write the vibrant history of pride, resilience, and unity. Stand tall, stand proud, and let the world see you shine!

With warmth and pride, The Showyourgaypride.com Team